Monday, November 22, 2010

Very Random Things. . . .

Here are some very random thoughts running through my head today;

I had a great time Friday night with Friends, Mexican Food and Margaritas.
I love the picture of Jon BonJovi that a coworker brought to me today, just because she knows I love him!
Last night I really enjoyed my $6 leopard print slippers I got at Wal Mart yesterday.
I am so excited for Christmas.
I hate zits.
I want perfect teeth.
I love to clay.
I love my job . . .
But also miss the days when I was a stay at home Mommy.
I love the fact that crafting has brought me so many good friends via the internet.
I love reading blogs.
I don't much like to read books.
I love reading magazines, especially People and *gulp* (I will admit it) Enquirer.
I have a strange obsession with my dislike of feet, but in the summer, it is the first thing I look at on somebody and can't stop staring if they have gross feet.
I don't like rudeness.
I love to color.
I love opening up a brand new box of 96 crayons.
I love my family.
I feel so very blessed.

Thanks for listening to my rambling . . .what do you like?


  1. I love all these little tidbits! :-) I'm with you on about 99% of them - LOL! (I'm dying at the gross feet comment; I'm not so big on feet myself - ha!)

  2. Awesome list of likes Lori! That is one sexy pic of Mr. Bon Jovi too! Hubba, hubba! Woof! haha
    I enjoyed reading your list and will try work on one myself. I also love how the internet brought me friends I would NEVER have met otherwise. It's awesome and a blessing♥
    Love, d

  3. Karli! I have a gross feet sister? Wuu Huu! I almost have this obsession with it! I need to work on that!
    Thanks for stopping by! =)

    Thank You Darla! I agree, the internet has brought many good things - the best of them all - friends! =)


  4. I just read your email about the snow! Nooooooo!! I'm forgetting why I moved back from Ft. Lauderdale to NE. Ugh! When my kids are grown, I'm totally out of here! ;-) Stay warm, my friend!

  5. Oh BLAH! Yep, we sure got that awful wind - yucky! Thank goodness there's no snow, but I had a zillion errands to run today (thank goodness the hubs was home with Livia so I could fly solo), but ugh, the wind! I look awful enough without the wind's help - LOL! You are the first of 46 emails I need to respond to, so I better get to it! :-)

    Oh! And thank you so VERY VERY much for your super sweet comments on my blog. Crazy kids, huh? :-) LOL!

  6. Love the Bon pic. LOL... too funny!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today :)
    ~Shelley Smith


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