Monday, November 22, 2010

Very Random Things. . . .

Here are some very random thoughts running through my head today;

I had a great time Friday night with Friends, Mexican Food and Margaritas.
I love the picture of Jon BonJovi that a coworker brought to me today, just because she knows I love him!
Last night I really enjoyed my $6 leopard print slippers I got at Wal Mart yesterday.
I am so excited for Christmas.
I hate zits.
I want perfect teeth.
I love to clay.
I love my job . . .
But also miss the days when I was a stay at home Mommy.
I love the fact that crafting has brought me so many good friends via the internet.
I love reading blogs.
I don't much like to read books.
I love reading magazines, especially People and *gulp* (I will admit it) Enquirer.
I have a strange obsession with my dislike of feet, but in the summer, it is the first thing I look at on somebody and can't stop staring if they have gross feet.
I don't like rudeness.
I love to color.
I love opening up a brand new box of 96 crayons.
I love my family.
I feel so very blessed.

Thanks for listening to my rambling . . .what do you like?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ok, not really, the winner doesn't really win a chicken dinner, but ba ba bummm, a **WINNER** we do have!!!!!
Connie Thompson!!!!!!
(Please note I did not take a picture of the entire list of entries, I was having a hard time getting a good picture of the entire list, so I folded it in half)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Give Away!

Tom Turkey Shelf/Computer Sitter
Originally uploaded by SugarberrySensations

Helloooo, it is I, the absent one! =)
How the heck have you all been??? I sure miss blogging and claying!
I am hoping this will be a start up again, but then again, if life gets too busy, that is ok, I know all my children will be gone all too soon and leaving me with a lot of alone time, and that is when claying will click into full speed!
I thought I would come back with another give away!
The more you share this link the more times you enter, it is that simple! Comment on it, blog about it, tweet about it, share on Facebook (let me know which ways you are sharing!) Good Luck!