Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Weekend in a Photo Journal

Happy Happy Tuesday Friends!!!!

I had a wonderful weekend traveling to see my oldest daughter's last dance performances at college, and was able to spend time with my Mother in Law as well.

I thought I would show you photos and a video of my weekend!!! =)

Morgan Dance 2010 054

This is my daughter Morgan, coming out for her last dance performance. You can see more pictures here, if you are interested!

Click here for a video of the dance! I have to tell you, I'm so proud of her! She choreographed this dance on her own!! This dance team started out with nine members, but as you can see, has shrunk to four!

I stopped on the road trip up and back for a few snapshots, I thought I would share a few with you. Of course I had to play with a couple of them in Picnik, but the brightly colored doors really are just like that!

Between Chadron and North Platte 2010 (3)

I added sepia tone to this beautiful foggy tree shot;

Between Chadron and North Platte 2010 (11)

Between Chadron and North Platte 2010 (33)

I don't know about you all, but do buildings like the one below intrigue you? They truly intrigue me - I would have loved to go in this house and walk around and study things in there (but it was too cold for that!). I could just stare for hours at things like this, as well as old photographs, I just want to know the history of it all, like, who lived there? Was it a family, what were they like? They obviously farmed this land, were their lives hard? I can just picture them coming and going from this door, sweeping the porch . . . . . (well, you get the picture!)

Between Chadron and North Platte 2010 (23)

That's all for now! I think my next post will include my weight progress with P90X!

When oh when will I get to clay again? I just don't know!! It is beginning to get on my nerves, though, that is for sure!

Have a most Fabulous, Fabulous Tuesday my Friends!