Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Update

Wonderful Wednesday to You All!!!

What are your plans for the day today?

I thought I would give a quick update on our entries for the Valentine Love Giveaway!
Here are the entries I have so far, remember the more you spread the ♥love♥ (word) the more times your name is entered! The drawing will be at the end of the day this Friday, the 5th.

Artistic Accents by Darla - 3
Marie S - 1
All My Yesterdays - 1
Twice as Nice - 1
The Critter Company - 1
Jae - 1
Kind Clay aka Jenny - 1
Diane - 1
Sarah Jones - 1
Faerie Folk - 1
Helen Huges - 1
Annie, The Incredible Shrinking Girl - 1
Ginny Baker - 1
Conchita - 1
Aestraea - 1
Whimsical Creations - 1
Carrie at Cottage Cozy - 2
My Tiny Treasures - 2

I thought I would share this picture with you. We had a big snowstorm here last October, school was called off for the day - I got the day off, it was wonderful! The sun came out that afternoon and quickly started melting the snow. I snapped this photo with the drips coming off of my roof.

More melting snow from October 30, 2009.

Our journey with P90X is going great, great, GREAT! I love it! Last night we did yoga, the workout I hated more than anything to begin with, I now love! We did start it too late last night, we couldn't start until after 9:00, I don't ever care to do that again! I don't know if I'll ever get the twisted moon, etc. moves, but I hope so!

Thanks so 'Berry' Much for stopping by!
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  1. I hate to point this out to ya but I think Twice As Nice is up to 2! We left a comment and mentioned it on our blog. The only reason I mention this is because Twice As Nice has NEVER may I repeat NEVER won anything so we need as much help as possible! HA!
    Did ya see we are getting a pilate machine? We just joined the gym (me, hubby and son) and then Fran found this machine nearly new so we bought it with the biz money. I think between the gym and going to Fran's for the pilates machine I should be a toothpick by summer! That or on total bed rest! HA! Have a great week.

  2. Oh my goodness, how could I be so forgetful and rude?! You most certainly DID post it twice for me!!!! Golly, I must change that!
    You have NEVER won anything? Either one of you? You sound like me!!!! =) I have my fingers crossed for you!
    No, I haven't read the blogs today - you are getting a pilates machine? My friend Darla 'ArtisticAccents' has one, and I think she is enjoying it! I'm sooo excited for you toothpick to be!!!! =)

    Have a fabulous week your self!!!
    Thanks for pointing out my incorrectness! Is that a word? Ha!


  3. What a great picture of the snow melting.
    I love it.
    Good luck everyone.


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