Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a Wonderful Wednesday!!!


Happy, Happy Hump Day!!!! I thought I would share a taste of Spring with you all, I made this turtle the other day, longing for Spring. It was inspired by Helen Dorn!
Don't you all love Wednesdays?? It's so nice to know the week is almost over, isn't it?

I just don't know how you could start a day off better than mine did today - maybe yours started as well this morning?! I turned the radio on as I was picking zits (yes, I do still get zits all the time, even after having just celebrated my 42nd Birthday!) and I heard an answer to what I have always wondered!!!!
*King Tut died of Malaria!
*King Tut's parents were siblings!
*King Tut had a cleft palate!
*King Tut had a club foot!
*King Tut's private part was found mummified and separated from his body! (Sorry - was that T.M.I. - Too Much Information)?

I wanted to give an update of who I have entered in the contest so far, and how many entries you each have! Remember, if you post about it somewhere other than here, please email me or comment and let me know where you posted about the Luck O' Irish Giveaway and how many times you posted it! (Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart for all the Birthday Wishes)

Darla ~ 1
Helen Hughes ~ 2
All My Yesterdays ~ 1
Kind Clay aka Jenny ~ 1
Twice as Nice ~ 1 (????)
The Critter Company ~ 3
Whimsical Creations ~ 1
Melissa Jenkins ~ 1
Jenny ~ 1
Cottage Cozy ~ 1
Becky ~ 1
Focus02Con ~ 1
My Tiny Treasures ~ 1

Today has been a great day so far - I also have new listings on Etsy - Wuu Huu!
You can check them out here;

And lastly - I'm going to have another giveaway - I have been feeling generous lately, can you tell? =)

Here is a sneak peek; (Hmmm, I wonder what it could be?)

sneak peek giveaway


  1. alright so i have to comment.....
    your list....if you look at it just right it looks like a fish? Did you plan that?

  2. Jenny - oh my goodness gracious that is too funny! I did NOT plan that out - but I can so see it!!! That is funny!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by dear!


  3. Well heck I didn't know you were a QVC girl. I had to run over there and see what a butter bell was. I'd never heard of one. Pretty darn snazzy.
    My daughter brought our pilates machine last night so Twin is coming over soon and we'll be doing the first of many workouts to get into that thong by summer. HA Hope we like it because I don't need another clothes rack or one more thing to dust.

  4. Oh yes Twin - I am a big time QVC girl! Big time!
    Wuu Huu the Pilates will begin - I had been meaning to ask you about that!
    Let's make a deal - when we are both done we will take pictures in our thongs! ;o)


  5. What a sweet little Turtle! Love the cute little pink *whateveritsgonnabe* thingy too (O:
    So when's the other hint???
    I'm having a blog party on my Change in a Bottle blog...
    Come take a peek and I'll be watching for your next giveaway...
    Keep creating!

  6. The turtle is darling! I hope he will nudge spring along a little bit...


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