Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things that make you go . . . . .


I had to laugh when I saw these on tv last night, well, I couldn't decide if I should laugh, or cry? I don't know what to think??? Bizarre if you ask me?!


So let me get this straight - we go out with them, we sleep in them, and then when we get ready the next morning, we're half way there because we have our Pajama jeans on??? What the heck????

Read the description;
Pajamas to live in. Jeans to sleep in. PajamaJeans are the best of both worlds. Great for travel or everyday wear, they're made of our exclusive and innovative denim fabric called DormisoftĂ‚® that's super soft and stretchy, resulting in an unbelievably comfortable pair of jeans that she'll love wearing…

So will you be ordering yours today?

Here is the link to order your very own pair for only $59.95!


Have a most Wonderful Day!


  1. haha! So basically they're denim sweatpants?
    How's your week going?
    Love, D

  2. Yes, Darla, they are sweats that look like jeans!!!

    My week has been busy, how about yours? I saw your 'view' picture over my lunch - wow, that's so depressing, I'm sorry! And here I thought what we had here was bad!!!


  3. I don't think I'll order any...just because I have a feeling I might NEVER take them off. I can see sleeping in them, working out in them, going out in them....eeek. Too much comfort CAN be a bad thing! ha ha

    But hey...the girl looks pretty cute in them! :o)
    Thanks Lori for the giggle!

  4. Bizarre! Just when you think you have seen it all! They are for those people you see wandering around in grocery stores, Wal-mart, and fast food places in their jammie pants!

  5. Hey, I'm all for comfort but this is a stayathome thing. Makes me think of a time I was working at a C-Store early in the morning and a woman came it with flannel pj's under her robe, slippers on and a towel wrapped around her head...paleeezz! That's just tacky.
    But thanks for the fun info (O:
    Oh, would you like to join the giveaway on Change in a Bottle? Got till Sunday at midnight...
    Have a good week Lori

  6. Weird! I wouldn't wear them as pjs. haha. Jeans are so uncomfortable to me, now I have jeans I can wear that are comfortable. Great find.

  7. Ha ha .. yep! I'm keen on comfort but might not want 24/7 pants! Those ones are nicer than the skin tight 'jean leggings' I've seen walking around though. Not too long ago I saw one shop dress all their mannequins in jeans that were inside out - with all the pockets hanging on the outside. I reckon inside-out with designer pockets is the next new 'in' ;)


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