Sunday, February 14, 2010



Good morning everyone!

Oh my goodness, get this! I just typed up a whole long post and *poof* it's gone! Waaaaahhhh!

I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day, I explained to you what I think about Valentines Day, and now it's gone! Waaaaaah!

Well, anyway, isn't this bear adorable? You can download him for free from
Meljen's Designs! I'm so thrilled she stopped by my blog to enter the contest - I found her blog that way!!!

I have to run, I'm now running behind this morning! Have a fabulous day my friends!!! I hope your day is a wonderful one spent with those you love!! ♥



  1. Happy Valentine's day to you my dear!!!
    Any special plans?
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, you are and always have been such an encouraging friend and I treasure that and YOU!
    I finally made it to Michaels yesterday and got the small canvases that I wanted. I painted up 2 more girls last night (and this morning) and so far, these are my faves :)

    I need to go workout now.....I have NO desire so I need to FOCUS! ha!
    Love, D

  2. Don't ya just hate it when that happens? The first time for me was a real long one about a memory. So I just figured the blog fairy was telling me something....
    Anyhoo, it made me stop to see that my post was always saved off and on as I added more.
    Still was a sweet post today with the little bear, and Happy Heart Day to you too...
    Have to smile at your Happy Thanksgiving background (O:

  3. Aw, thanks so much for linking to my little bear--and for stopping by my blog too! :-) That is so sweet of you. (hugs) Happy Valentine's day!

  4. Lori are you still hitting the bottle?
    We are now in a new year and I hate to break it to you but THANKSGIVING is OVER. You need to put the blog decorations away. HA!

  5. Hahhaaaa, *Ding Ding Ding* Wow, I have very observant friends!!! Hahahaaa, Oh my goodness, I crack myself up - teeeeheheheheheee! OMG - I can't believe I changed the background! I told you I was in a hurry, I only had about 45 minutes to shower and get ready for church! In the midst of freaking out about losing so much time on the computer, and losing my post, I accidentally changed the background! Oh my, what an airhead! Tooo funny!

    Glad ya all caught it! =)


  6. *Darla, you are so sweet, THANK YOU for making me cry with your sweet words!!! I can't wait to see your new paintings!
    *All My Yesterdays, you mean I could have found my post saved somewhere? Oh jeesh, I didn't think about that! I should have looked! Dang it!
    *Melissa, thanks for stopping by again, and for the use of your adorable bear!!!
    *Twins - I gave up on you showing up to take me out for my Birthday drink, so yes, I did hit the bottle as a matter of fact! ;o)
    *Beki, what a thrill to have you stop by - I come to your blog daily, so to have you stop by is such a thrill! And I see you had a great Valentine's Day as well? =)


  7. Lori,
    Little Miss HAPPY! That's my new name for you!
    Anyhow...I hear ya girl. It is SO frustrating to lose a whole blog post or comment! Grrr...good thing you have such a positive attitude. Some people would let that ruin their whole morning (not that I know anything about that! ;-)

    Happy Valentines Day to you too Sweetie! Did ya do anything fun (besides workout)??
    I took my little guy out to the mall for some shopping and then we finished up the day with some batting practice at the batting cages and then breakfast for dinner at Ihop. :o)

  8. Jen, Hiiiii! Awwww, you are too sweet, thank you my dear!!!!! I like my new name!!!!

    Hmm, well, no, we didn't really do anything fun, but I was with my family, so that was what made it a great day! =) Awwww, I'm so glad that you had a Wonderful day with your sweet little guy!!

    Guess what? Last night for dinner, I had decided on the way out there to get the salmon and choke it down. We got there and they were out of salmon - substituting crab legs, so we debated and debated over whether it would be better to get the prime rib or crab legs, we finally decided on crab legs without any butter. I hope it was ok, but that's what we got!


  9. Hello! Just saw that it was your birthday on Friday so Happy Birthday a little late!
    If you click on edit posts, you should find the missing one saved with the word "draft" next to it. Just for future reference. :)

  10. Hi Artsyclay!!!

    Awww, thank you for Birthday Wishes!

    And thank you for the tip about my lost post! Sure enough, I found it! I wish I would have realized that, that day! Oh well, it's a lesson learned, right?!



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