Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Deadline Is Drawing Near . . . .

Luck O' Irish Bear Giveaway

For the Giveaway! Have you all entered as many times as you want to? Remember, it is simple ~ the more times you post about the giveaway, the more times your name is entered into the drawing! Blog about it, Comment here about it, Tweet about it, and post on Facebook about it! Easy Peasey!! =)

Here are the entries I have so far (Please correct me if I'm wrong - remember how many times the Twins had to correct me last time? Just because they had hit the bottle a little before posting, they thought they could say whatever they wanted!) Hahaha! You know I'm joking 'Twins', right?!

Darla ~ 1
Helen Hughes ~ 2
All My Yesterdays ~ 1
Kind Clay aka Jenny ~ 1
Twice as Nice ~ 1 (????)
The Critter Company ~ 3
Whimsical Creations ~ 1
Melissa Jenkins ~ 1
Jenny ~ 1
Cottage Cozy ~ 1
Becky ~ 1
Focus02Con ~ 1
My Tiny Treasures ~ 1
Lori Ann ~ 1
Finding Charm ~ 1
Fluers de Perls ~ 1
Kath K ~ 1

♥GOOD LUCK♥ to You All!
Tomorrow I will post about the next Giveaway! Yipee!


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  1. Twin and I also have a facebook page~one for business and one personal. Neither of us quite get facebook, we think it's a bit boring but maybe we'll get into it. Blogging is so much more fun. We don't keep up with that very well either though.
    Hey we are LOVING the pilates machine. I think I see a thong in twin's future.HA


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