Friday, February 5, 2010

The deadline is drawing near . . . .

Happy Happy Friday Everyone!!! =) I don't know how happy you all are that it's Friday, but I'm very, very happy! I just wish the weekends could pass by more slowly!

I wanted to give an update on the entries. Please let me know if you see a mistake here! The deadline is tonight at 11:00 PM Central Time. The winner will be announced tomorrow, Saturday, February 6th.

Artistic Accents by Darla - 3
Marie S - 1
All My Yesterdays - 1
Twice as Nice - 2
The Critter Company - 1
Jae - 1
Kind Clay aka Jenny - 1
Diane - 1
Sarah Jones - 1
Faerie Folk - 1
Helen Huges - 1
Annie, The Incredible Shrinking Girl - 1
Ginny Baker - 1
Conchita - 1
Aestraea - 1
Whimsical Creations - 1
Carrie at Cottage Cozy - 2
Sarah Finding Charm - 5
My Tiny Treasures - 1
Stephanie PixyBugs - 2
Nanda Little Miss Polka Dot - 3



  1. Helloooo... I know it's hard to type with your fingers crossed and the 1 key is right next to the 2 but Twin and I are starting to take this a little bit personally. Just come out and say it, you hate us. HA HA

    I came over to check your post and see you have us down for one entry. What's a girl gotta do to have you get it right? Do you want cash or my first born? HA Boy teasing you sure is fun. Have a great weekend.

    The Twins~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2~2

  2. Wellllll, well, well, Twins! Whatchu talkin bout Willis? Ok, girls, seriously - go read again, I think that Pilates machine has you goin wacky! Is it making you blind? Good heavens, you had better stop using it immediately! =)

    Ahahahahahaaaa, ok, this is so fun - I LOVE your teasing, and ok, so I confess, I give, I will tell the truth - I just went in and edited it. But come on, it is sooo hard to type or do anything with these fingers crossed! You should see me trying to put my make up on! ;o)
    Dummy me - I copied and pasted from the first one, not even thinking about me having it wrong the first time!

    I most sincerely apologize - or do I? Because if I posted it right every time - I wouldn't hardly ever get to to talk to you - and that's no fun!!! =)

    Thanks for pointing it out! I am sorry! It's in there now!


  3. Jess, of course you are in - of course! My pleasure! =)

    Thank You!


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