Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year - New Men!

Hi? Is anybody here?

Helloooooo? Hellooooo? Hellloooooo?

Do I hear an echo?????

Did my title get your attention? Hahaa!

Wow, how do the Holidays keep us so incredibly busy, isn't it amazing? I'm still playing catch up - how about you?

So guess what is new in my life??? A new man! Yup - Tony Horton is his name - P90X!

Have you heard of it? It's an excercise/eating program - if you follow the exercise dvd's and eating guide, Tony tells me I will have a 'Beachbody' in just 90 short days! Do I believe this? Hmmm, I'm not sure quite yet. Tonight I'm struggling, it's a struggle for me. The nights are always so short as it is when I get home from work, and then to add in an excercise and careful dinner planning, it's making it hard. I think I'm really struggling with the carb cut back right now, but I can tell you this - in just five short days, I do feel so much better! Last night was the yoga work out, and let me tell you - I hated, no possibly, loathed, the first 45 minutes, they were sooo hard, but after that, I loved it - and I think my body felt so much better today because of it! In just one workout!

Well, I suppose I'll quit chatting with my echo, if I have to hear an echo, I really don't want to hear my own voice. But there is a somebody else I would love to hear in that echo! I'll share him with you - just for tonight, k?! Enjoy!

Somebody? Anybody? Please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you! Take Care ♥ Lori


  1. Ohh, I'd love to hear a review of the P90 when you're into it a ways. I've heard great things about it.

  2. Lori
    Well thank YOU for such a sweet and encouraging comment on my blog! You're does take some significant time to post all that, but if it helps anyone out, it's worth it! I SOOOO remember those first days of P90X and all those different foods that I wasn't used to. You might find it helpful and interesting if you go back to when I first started my blog. I posted every day for my whole 90 day P90X journey and mostly always put what we ate on there. As I go back and do P90X again, I always like to flip back to those posts and remember what I was cooking and what we were eating. Also what recipes we liked and didn't like.
    As for your Yoga yesterday....BOY CAN I RELATE!! That yoga video--well, I'd like to slam it with a hammer sometimes. I am just NOT a yoga girl for the most part. But....I will admit, Like you, that once you get past that first 45 minutes, it is actually pretty enjoyable..and no one can argue that those first 45 minutes are a good workout. How you can get dripping sweaty by standing so still beats me...but it works! :o)
    CONGRATULATIONS on completing 9 days! You are doing fabulous! Keep up the good work. I PROMISE YOU---if you'll hang in there---YOU WILL HAVE FANTASTIC RESULTS. There is no possibility that you won't. Of course, the eating part is CRUCIAL. These people KNOW what they're talking about. My hubby and I did it about 80% right and probably 20% of the time we flubbed up. We still had very good results (I lost 17 lbs, he lost 30 and we both got very defined and "ripped" muscles)...but I can just imagine how DRASTIC our results would have been if we had done it 90% or 100% right.!?!
    Your friend mentioned the plyo video--which is my other "least favorite". It's good as far as it KICKS YOUR BUTT...but oh my gosh! all that jumping is miserable! ha ha...I think it would have been much more enjoyable if I had a better sports bra! ha ha
    Anyway, I know it's tough and sometimes you're gonna think your DYING or STARVING..but hang in there...because you CAN do it and you will be SO GLAD you did! It's only 90 days...well, actually 81 now! :o) Keep in touch!
    Do you have a Beachbody coach? If not, I'd love you help you out with encouragement and motivation anytime! You can sign up to have me as your coach (free) by going to and clicking on "join".
    Keep pushing Play!!

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  4. Hi Jen! Oopsie - I accidentally posted your email address, but just for two seconds if even that long! I did email you earlier today, so hopefully you got it! We lived, we survived, we stretched and we 'ooohmed' through another yoga workout tonight! =)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the encouragment - Becki of The Rusted Chain, are you reading this? I don't know how you could not be pumped to try P90X after reading Jen's posts, and then go read her blog - it's amazing! =)


  5. I am trying to get fit for 2010. It's not so much that I need to lose weight but I need to TONE UP! I have an elliptical so that is mostly what I am using. IT'S TUFF! Not sure what P90X is but from some of the blog I have read it sounds like a real workout. I am trying to eat salads with ever meal. It wouldn't be so hard but we have a 14 year old and he needs his carbs so I try to add something just for him. Have a great week and you don't have to echo...we're here to listen!

  6. Yipeee, I don't hear an echo do I??? I love it! You know what? I'm pretty much in the same boat as you - I would like to lose a little weight, don't need to lose much, but mostly need to tone my intertube middle! P90X is tough, but I'll tell ya - we are now officially on Day 11, we made it through our second Yoga workout last night, and survived, and I'm telling you, after doing yoga, although it is sooo hard, my body feels great the next day! And as far as your 14 year old needing carbs goes - I have a 14 year old needing the same exact thing! He is trying as hard as he can to gain weight and get bigger - he is so tired of the healthy food - I'm headed to the store tonight to try to find things for him!
    Thanks for replying and listening!
    Keep in touch regarding your toning up and keep going on that elliptical girl - I love them and wish I had one!

  7. Oh Lori!
    I've been awful and checking blog updates but since we keep in touch via email I don't feel as guilty :)
    With the first of January brings many work related items that must get done and it sucks the playtime right out of my day. haha
    I'm so proud of you doing the P90x plan. I find it interesting that they really don't go into the diet aspect of it on the infomercial when it's such a crucial part of the success? Strange.......but hey, I've seen pics of you and you could do this program 40% and still have great results!
    My goal this year, and we've talked about it, is to just find a healthy routine and lifestyle I can maintain. I'm tired of losing the same 20 lbs just to turn around and slowly pack it right back on. I believe it's because I'm an 'all or nothing' personality. When I'm good, I'm very good but when I'm snowballs! haha

    Best of luck to you my dear sweet friend!
    Love, D

  8. Hi Lori,

    Came over to thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment on my blog and I'm rewarded with Jon Bon Jovi. LOL YUM. I'm a Jersey girl so you know I love me some Bon Jovi. ;o)

    Anyway, just wanted to say that you are by far and away one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I consider myself very blessed to call you my friend.


  9. Hi Darla - wow, I can not believe what an incredibly sweet post you left me! Wow, you have given me so much encouragement to keep on a goin with this! I'm really getting to the stage where I'm enjoying it! Thank you for the incredibly sweet compliments. And you listen up - you are going to do this, too! We are going to get through this together! Ok?! =)

  10. Hi Ginny,
    hahahahaa, I'm glad I could treat you with some Jon! hahaa, that was funny, I love it! =)

    Good golly you made my heart so happy! You left me the SWEETEST message, thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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