Monday, January 25, 2010

New Header, Mexican Food and Polymer Clay!

Hello my friends!

How are you all on this Marvelous Monday?? I sure hope you had a great weekend?! I know I did - I got to clay this weekend, it was so wonderful! I made a few Valentine's Day things, it felt so good to be claying again, I just wish I had more time all the time to do it! I'll have to share some pictures with you when I get them taken. And also, speaking of claying, I'm going to have a give away! So please keep checking back for the details on that!

Did you notice my new banner? Don't you love it?! I think it is so cute! I 'met' the most wonderful seller on Etsy this weekend, her name is Stephanie, her shop name is Sugarelli. Isn't it ironic both of our names start with 'Sugar'? And that is honestly not why I chose her to buy from. If you are needing any new graphic designs for your shop or blog, or even birth announcements, please take a moment to check out her shop! I can not begin to tell you how incredibly sweet as well as talented that she is! Aaaand, she gets your product to you lightening fast!


I wanted to tell you what we had for dinner tonight, but you first most know, I love, love, love Mexican food! I love it! Did I happen to mention that I love Mexican food? Ok, so I do! Cutting out my chips and salsa has been one of the hardest parts of P90X for me! I could pretty much live on chips and salsa, good salsa, not Pace! So, what we had for dinner tonight after our Kempo workout, was fajitas! I have to admit, they are not in the P90X book for Phase 1, the Fat Shredder Phase, but I think we did great! I sprinkled the chicken breasts with cumin, chili powder and Mrs. Dash Spicy, I sprayed my George Foreman with a little spray, and grilled them. I took those off, put some onion and red & orange peppers on. Then to eat them, we didn't have a single tortilla, we had the cut up chicken, cut up veggies, and for each serving we had half of an avocado with cilantro, lemon and jalepeno in it. Oh my, it was sooo yuummmy! We also had fruit! Yum, this was my favorite dinner yet! How do you think that was my coach/friend Jen? It was probably ok, wasn't it?

Do you all know that I now love water, and drink so much of it! Let me tell you, I use to be a Coke aholic, it was bad. Over the years I have drank it, and then given it up, then a few months or a year later, I would go back to it, and once I start it's all or nothing with me. I either don't drink it and drink water, but if I am drinking it, it's all I drink all day long! Luckily I had given it up again before Christmas this year, thank heavens I didn't have to cut it out right when I started P90X, especially since I didn't want to start P90X in the first place, like I've told you before. Well, so anyway, I got this adorable cup before Christmas, and now, don't laugh, but I swear to you water tastes better when I drink it from this cup!!! I know I'm a nut, but that's ok! Look at how cute it is!

Starbucks Holiday Tumblers

Photo by Brandon

I'm going to close for now, I hope to get some pictures taken of what I clayed this weekend, I also need to post about my give away! I sure hope you like it and get excited about it, like I am!

'Keep Pushing Play'


  1. Sounds like the P90X is doing you some good!
    And I love your new look too. Glad you got to do some clay stuff and I'll be back to see what you created..I know it'll be cute :P

  2. Yes, I am loving P90X!
    Thanks so much for the compliments! My Mom called tonight, and then my daughter, so I didn't get my pictures taken, but that's ok, I'll do them tomorrow over my lunch, hopefully, and will get the contest going tomorrow!

    Thannks for stopping by! =)

  3. nooooooooooo!! I just typed you out the worlds longest comment and then my interenet closed down! AUGH!
    Okay, I think I'll just e-mail you instesad since it was long! :o)

  4. Love the new header! I should get a professional one instead of the wonkiness that I display!
    Recipe sounds good and can't wait to see the clay creations too!
    Love, D

  5. Jen, again, I'm so sorry you lost your post! =(

    Hi Darla, are you working today?? Thanks for stopping by and posting! I love my new banner, and it's so reasonable! I'm running home for lunch and taking pictures of the clay!


  6. Love your header and your avatar. It's what drew me over here to see what was up! Super neat stuff!

  7. Hi Jenny,

    Gosh, thank you so very much!! I really appreciate you stopping by and the compliments!



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