Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's going to be a Super Sunday!

Good morning!

Do you all love Sundays as much as I do?

Yesterday was our day 30 in our P90X journey! We officially hit one month! Wuu Huuu! We did one of the hardest workouts yet (yesterday), oh my goodness, there were so many different pushups! It did feel good, and it was weird how hungry it made us all. One thing that we all have noticed is our eating, our cravings are so different now then they were before. We decided to go out to eat at AppleBee's Friday night, we had a gift certificate that we needed to use before it was expired, so we figured we would order off of the under 550 calorie menu. Which we did, but it just wasn't that good! We like our meals that we eat at home now, so much better. I think maybe, just maybe, we are well on our way to our goal of changing our lifestyles! I sure hope so!

When you all try to do your crafts do you find that sometimes, you just don't have it? I tried yesterday, I tried to clay, I was so excited, but I have a deadline to meet on some things, and I just couldn't 'get' it yesterday! I started over and over and over again on my projects. Do you ever feel like that? It's so disappointing! What do you to help yourself overcome it?

Well, today, will be church, laundry, Plyometrics (for our workout - love that one), more basketball (my son's team is in a tournament) and hopefully some claying time!

I thought I would share this picture of these beautiful horses that I took last summer. I was coming home from the lake, and saw them by the roadside, they were so beautiful, so strong, so gentle looking, I just had to stop to take a picture - plus, I love playing with my camera! And I love playing with pictures in Picnik!

Summer 2009 Horses

Have a most Superbly Splendid Sunday!


  1. Congrats on 30 days completed Lori! That is so awesome and you totally inspire me!
    I LOVE the horse picture! You have so many talents....seriously!

    And for days that I 'dont' get it'....yes I have many!! Then another day comes when I'm just putzin and playin and it happens! Seems, for me anyway, pressure is what stops my creative juices sometimes :)
    Love, D

  2. Glad you're doing so well changing your lifestyle! Funny how our tastes change over the years anyway. And if it's to something healthier, cool! Love the picture of the horses too. I live on a half acre and have a horse pasture in the back for awhile during the summer. He's good at listening when I need to talk...
    Have a fun Sunday and hope you get some claying time (O:

  3. Hi Girls!

    Thanks so much for the kudos on our life changes - it sure does feel great!=)

    Darla, thank you for the compliments, but you know it's the camera - that I'm so glad you convinced me to buy! =)

    I should have stopped and talked to those horses, shouldn't have I'm sure they would have listened!

    I got a little bit of claying time in, literally a couple of minutes, but that's ok, it seemed to go a little better today, I didn't feel so pressured since I asked for an extension. It wasn't approved yet, but keep your fingers crossed for me! =)

    We just got done with another hard, great workout, I'm going to fix us something to eat then we will hit the road for more basketball!


  4. The legs and back workout still gets me and I've done it for 6 months now. I am always sore for a day or two but I guess that's a good thing. Are you a Beachbody Coach? I don't see anywhere on your site saying you are. To learn more go to You get discounts on the products and can even earn some money. I like doing it as it keeps me accountable to working out. Feel free to contact me about it. Stick with P90X. I went from doing 2 total pull ups with legs and back to 82 at the end of 90 days. Bring it!

  5. Beautiful photo! I think horses are among the most graceful of animals and such a joy to watch when they are running.

    Yes, I have days when everything ends up in the trash and I get agitated inside. It means it's time to take a break! I do something kind and replenishing for myself, whether it be a long walk to clear my mind, a warm bubble bath with soothing music on the CD player, or another kind of creating (write a poem, knit a scarf)...whatever my inner child is longing for...and for however long needed (could be an hour, could be a week). Then I am ready to get back to the clay. Whenever I promise someone a custom order, I make sure to give myself a few extra days more than I think I need - just in case. :)

  6. Hi Mark!

    I'll tell you - I'm loving the new workouts we have done in Phase 2! They kick butt!!! I'm not a coach, and am not interested at this time, but thanks for asking. I do have an awesome coach I love! =)

    Hi ArtsyClay!

    I love your ideas as to what to do when struggling with creativeness!!! =) Thank you for sharing those ideas!! I hope to get some clay time in tonight!

    Thanks for posting to both of you - I get so excited to read comments!



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