Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, FaceBook Fan Page, Fabulous Healthy Food

Hello everyone!!!!

This will have to be quick, I'm on my lunch break!
I just ate a delicious lunch - it was Fabulous Healthy Food! A whole wheat tortilla, with some SouthWestern Egg Scramblers inside, Turkey Bacon and Salsa! Yum!

It's Friday!!!! Just in case you didn't know! Yipeee!
I'm feeling fabulously wonderful after doing my yoga workout last night, today is stretch day, not my favorite, but it's good! What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going to clay and watch my son in his team's basketball tournament!

I just started a Facebook fan page - come take a look if you would like! I added some pictures of some of my older clay work as well as some recent on there! Seventy seven pictures in all! Whew!

SugarberrySensations FaceBook

I'll be back again, but have to run for now!

Have a Fabulously Fun Friday!

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  1. Well, I'm late and now it's HAPPY SATURDAY! Ryan spent the night and we went out for lunch to celebrate his birthday which was the 17th! He was in Atlanta at the time and I was going to go see him today but he ended up here! Very nice day. Hope your Saturday has you feeling as wonderful as Friday did!
    Love, D

  2. Hi Darla!

    That's why you were so quiet! Yipeee, I'm so HAPPY you got to spend time with Ryan! How great!!!!
    Yes, my Saturday was great - thanks so much for asking!


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