Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's going to be a Super Sunday!

Good morning!

Do you all love Sundays as much as I do?

Yesterday was our day 30 in our P90X journey! We officially hit one month! Wuu Huuu! We did one of the hardest workouts yet (yesterday), oh my goodness, there were so many different pushups! It did feel good, and it was weird how hungry it made us all. One thing that we all have noticed is our eating, our cravings are so different now then they were before. We decided to go out to eat at AppleBee's Friday night, we had a gift certificate that we needed to use before it was expired, so we figured we would order off of the under 550 calorie menu. Which we did, but it just wasn't that good! We like our meals that we eat at home now, so much better. I think maybe, just maybe, we are well on our way to our goal of changing our lifestyles! I sure hope so!

When you all try to do your crafts do you find that sometimes, you just don't have it? I tried yesterday, I tried to clay, I was so excited, but I have a deadline to meet on some things, and I just couldn't 'get' it yesterday! I started over and over and over again on my projects. Do you ever feel like that? It's so disappointing! What do you to help yourself overcome it?

Well, today, will be church, laundry, Plyometrics (for our workout - love that one), more basketball (my son's team is in a tournament) and hopefully some claying time!

I thought I would share this picture of these beautiful horses that I took last summer. I was coming home from the lake, and saw them by the roadside, they were so beautiful, so strong, so gentle looking, I just had to stop to take a picture - plus, I love playing with my camera! And I love playing with pictures in Picnik!

Summer 2009 Horses

Have a most Superbly Splendid Sunday!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday, FaceBook Fan Page, Fabulous Healthy Food

Hello everyone!!!!

This will have to be quick, I'm on my lunch break!
I just ate a delicious lunch - it was Fabulous Healthy Food! A whole wheat tortilla, with some SouthWestern Egg Scramblers inside, Turkey Bacon and Salsa! Yum!

It's Friday!!!! Just in case you didn't know! Yipeee!
I'm feeling fabulously wonderful after doing my yoga workout last night, today is stretch day, not my favorite, but it's good! What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going to clay and watch my son in his team's basketball tournament!

I just started a Facebook fan page - come take a look if you would like! I added some pictures of some of my older clay work as well as some recent on there! Seventy seven pictures in all! Whew!

SugarberrySensations FaceBook

I'll be back again, but have to run for now!

Have a Fabulously Fun Friday!

Don't forget to comment about the giveaway post for your entry - post about it on your blog, tweet about it, Facebook about it!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let the Valentine Love Giveaway Begin!!!! =)

Hellooo my friends! Happy Happy Wednesday!

Here we go - the giveaway is going to begin, and I'm going to actually show you the entire picture of the giveaway this time, not just a sneak peek!

Valentine Love Giveaway

Bunny Love Giveaway 2

Bunny Love Giveaway 3

Now remember, there is not fuzz on this piece, I double checked last night! It was on my camera lens as well as some on the piece. My coat must be shedding!

Now for the 'Rules'!

They are pretty darn easy! I got this idea from a fellow blogger, Beki (who's blog and work I love, by the way!) TheRustedChain

To enter simply leave a comment.
To enter more, tweet about it, blog it, post it on FaceBook. (I did just start a fan page last night, it's bare at the moment, but I'll work on it!)
Please leave seperate comments for each of these, so I know how many times to enter your name.
(Random winner will be drawn Friday, February 5th)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VDay Sneak Peek 2

VDay Sneak Peek 2
Originally uploaded by SugarberrySensations

Hi again everyone!

Ok, so Tracy wanted more - hee hee, here it is! Another sneak peek. But listen, I have to tell you - that fuzz, it is not on the finished product, I had a black coat on today when I ran home for lunch, ran outside and snapped the pictures and fuzz from my coat got on my lens! Oopsie - sorry!

Well, I'm off for now, just got home from my son's basketball game, it's time to workout, then fix dinner and clean up the house a bit, and then I'll be back later with the rules for the giveaway!!!

What do you all think it is?


Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek
Originally uploaded by SugarberrySensations

Hi everyone!

Here's a sneak peek to the give away!

I'll try to get it all posted tonight, if not tonight, tomorrow for sure!

Chat with you soon! =)


Monday, January 25, 2010

New Header, Mexican Food and Polymer Clay!

Hello my friends!

How are you all on this Marvelous Monday?? I sure hope you had a great weekend?! I know I did - I got to clay this weekend, it was so wonderful! I made a few Valentine's Day things, it felt so good to be claying again, I just wish I had more time all the time to do it! I'll have to share some pictures with you when I get them taken. And also, speaking of claying, I'm going to have a give away! So please keep checking back for the details on that!

Did you notice my new banner? Don't you love it?! I think it is so cute! I 'met' the most wonderful seller on Etsy this weekend, her name is Stephanie, her shop name is Sugarelli. Isn't it ironic both of our names start with 'Sugar'? And that is honestly not why I chose her to buy from. If you are needing any new graphic designs for your shop or blog, or even birth announcements, please take a moment to check out her shop! I can not begin to tell you how incredibly sweet as well as talented that she is! Aaaand, she gets your product to you lightening fast!


I wanted to tell you what we had for dinner tonight, but you first most know, I love, love, love Mexican food! I love it! Did I happen to mention that I love Mexican food? Ok, so I do! Cutting out my chips and salsa has been one of the hardest parts of P90X for me! I could pretty much live on chips and salsa, good salsa, not Pace! So, what we had for dinner tonight after our Kempo workout, was fajitas! I have to admit, they are not in the P90X book for Phase 1, the Fat Shredder Phase, but I think we did great! I sprinkled the chicken breasts with cumin, chili powder and Mrs. Dash Spicy, I sprayed my George Foreman with a little spray, and grilled them. I took those off, put some onion and red & orange peppers on. Then to eat them, we didn't have a single tortilla, we had the cut up chicken, cut up veggies, and for each serving we had half of an avocado with cilantro, lemon and jalepeno in it. Oh my, it was sooo yuummmy! We also had fruit! Yum, this was my favorite dinner yet! How do you think that was my coach/friend Jen? It was probably ok, wasn't it?

Do you all know that I now love water, and drink so much of it! Let me tell you, I use to be a Coke aholic, it was bad. Over the years I have drank it, and then given it up, then a few months or a year later, I would go back to it, and once I start it's all or nothing with me. I either don't drink it and drink water, but if I am drinking it, it's all I drink all day long! Luckily I had given it up again before Christmas this year, thank heavens I didn't have to cut it out right when I started P90X, especially since I didn't want to start P90X in the first place, like I've told you before. Well, so anyway, I got this adorable cup before Christmas, and now, don't laugh, but I swear to you water tastes better when I drink it from this cup!!! I know I'm a nut, but that's ok! Look at how cute it is!

Starbucks Holiday Tumblers

Photo by Brandon

I'm going to close for now, I hope to get some pictures taken of what I clayed this weekend, I also need to post about my give away! I sure hope you like it and get excited about it, like I am!

'Keep Pushing Play'

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photos of myself? Oh dear! Exercising in Pajamas?


Well, at the urging of my friend Jen, I will post some pictures of myself. Jen said she would like to see who she is talking with, so here ya go Jen! It kind of scares me that you have me pictured in your mind - yikes! =) Please, keep in mind that I absolutely hate having pictures taken, hate it, but here goes. I kind of had a tough time, because I hate pictures so much, there aren't many of myself! I don't know how my kids would feel about me putting their pictures on here, so I'm leaving them off for now. But I do have three children, two daughters, my oldest is 20, my middle is 18 and a son, who is 14.

This first picture is a picture of my husband and I on our wonderful trip to Aspen and Breckenridge, Colorado last Fall. Boy that was fun, it's so beautiful!


This next picture is a picture I did a lot of playing with on 'Picnik', my sister in law took it of my husband and I last summer at the lake.


And this last picture - look at this! OMG - what dorks! These are the girls that I work with every day at the High School where I'm a secretary. This picture cracks me up - we had a teacher that was leaving at the end of last year, she was moving to another location, and she wanted a picture of us girls, and told us to 'strike a pose'! Funny!


On the far left of this picture is Connie, next is Chris, and then myself, and then Laurie, yes another Laurie, it gets confusing on the phones! Both Chris and Laurie are leaving us at the end of this year. Chris is retiring and Laurie's husband was transferred to Montana. We hate to see them go! =(

So, that's a little bit of visual info for you all! Now, I want you to just imagine this! Today was stretch day on our workouts, well, by the time I went to Wal Mart, and spent sooo much money on healthy foods, got all of that put away, all I wanted to do in this cold, damp, foggy weather was to put my jammies on, so that I did. Before I stretched - is it a sin to exercise/stretch in jammies? Anyway, that's what I did, but I have to share this with you - when I was doing the downward dog, I got a shot down my shirt - Oh My Goodness! GA - ROSS!!!!! My stomach! Aaack! Here I have been feeling so skinny lately, but then I got a shot of my stretch marked, blobby, stretchy, loose lump of a stomach just hanging there in plain sight! Yikes, that is something I don't ever, ever want to see again!

Well, I suppose I will close for now - my battery is about dead, time to plug this baby in!

I may be back tomorrow - I do know one thing for sure - tomorrow I'm going to clay and I can't wait!!!!

"Try Your Best, Forget The Rest"


Thursday, January 21, 2010

George Foreman, P90X, Giveaways all on Day 18!

Happy Day 18 for me and my hubby and my daughter! Yup, you read correctly! We are now on Day 18 of P90X! We are loving it! Today our workout was Kenpo - that has quickly became my favorite! The first time I did it, I hated it, I even hated it more than yoga, I just felt like such a clutz, I could not move my arms and legs in different directions like Tony wanted me to! But once you get use to it, wow, what a fun workout!

I want to share something my friend Jen said in her Blog some time ago, I love it and want to say it over and over and over again! I feel like it's my family's new mantra since we have started P90X!

"This is not a DIET. This is not a TRIAL. This is LIFE."

That is how I truly feel at this point in time, with the changes we are making with excercising and a new way of eating!

Please check out Jen's Blog, it's an awesome one!

One Tough Girl

I wanted to share a quick, easy, yummy recipe with you all. It's not out of the P90X nutrition guide, but wow, it's yummy, and healthy! I did alter it and used whole wheat buns, I found some wonderful very, very thin buns, and used only the bottoms, we did not have a top on our sandwiches.

Chipotle Chicken Sandwich

But speaking of eating, I have to ask you all - what do you think about your George Foreman grill - in terms of cleaning them? My goodness, I'm using that thing almost daily now, but what a pain in the patootie it is to clean! Wow! First I scrape it with the little scraper, and then do you know what I do? I wet paper towels, lay them on it, and heat it up again briefly, so it almost steams all the gunk, it makes it so much easier to clean!

Now, tell me - who here doesn't love a chance of winning something??? I am going to tell you about two different blogs you can go to for your chance to win two totally different, but incredibly beautiful handcrafted treasures!!!

My dear friend Darla, is an awesome painter, who is celebrating her one year blogiversary!

Artistic Accents

Another blog friend who is opening her heart after the wonderful responses she received regarding help for Haiti is offering a prize;

The Rusted Chain

I hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!! I'm so excited it's Friday!!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 17 and for the Love of Gray

Yes! We are now through Day 17 of P90X! It feels so good to accomplish another day of healthy eating and a workout!

Today was Yoga! I have to be honest, Yoga is my least favorite workout - while I'm doing it! I just get so discouraged that I can't do so many of the moves. If it weren't such a long workout, I would have went back and tried some of them over again. At this point, I can't even remember which ones I struggled with so much, I think the twisted moon, or something like that. You stand on one foot, stretch the other leg and foot out behind you, and then bend down and twist your upper body, right? I think that is how it goes? I have most certainly noticed that I'm much more flexible and am able to keep my balance better now, on just this third yoga workout than I was on the first! That is definitely something to be excited about isn't it? My discouragement only lasted a couple of minutes, then I really started thinking about how much better I did than the very first time I did the Yoga, I felt so good about it! So remember how I said that Yoga is my least favorite workout 'while I'm doing it'? But let me tell you, it is my most favorite when I'm done doing it. My body feels GREAT! And I love knowing that it will feel good all day tomorrow as well. It feels loose, limber and lean!

I think we have done so well on our eating, we are following the book as closely as we can! We have not had a sweet, a soda, a potato, a french fry. . . . none of those! And I must tell you this, I received this awesome Christmas gift this year - an entire box of toffee! I'm not a big sweets eater (chips and salsa are my downfall, my all time favorite food), but I do love toffee. As soon as we started 17 days ago, I hid that toffee in the back of my fridge, and it has stayed there! We also have three bags of frozen cookie dough that sit in the freezer and scream out every time we get ice - they scream 'Eat me please' - but we haven't touched them! Yipeee! I'm so proud of us!

I'm going to give you an example of what I ate today, for breakfast I had two hard boiled egg whites and two pieces of turkey bacon at 7:00. At 9:00, I had my protein bar snack with a big glass of water. For lunch at 11:00 (yes, I have to take an early lunch) I had a salad with a grilled chicken breast, almond slivers and mandarin oranges. At 2:00 I had a snack of FF string cheese, turkey jerky, a couple of almonds and a clementine. As I was fixing dinner, I have to admit I was snacking on fruit! I had a little bit of apple and bananan and mango! Then for dinner we had the P90X Carribbean Jerk Pork Tenderloin Salad, it was so yummy!

Ok, enough talk about working out, for now anyway. Although I do love talking about P90X!

I don't know when I will get time to clay again, I'm hoping one night this week, but if I don't - I'm making time this weekend no matter what! I would love to get some Valentine things done! I'm not sure what - I have so many ideas running through my head, but time is running short, so where will I start? I'm not sure! I am constantly thinking about teddy bears lately, so maybe I'll try to make a couple of teddy bears?! Happy Claying to all my claying friends reading this - I hope you have time to clay! I'd love to hear from you, as to what you have been claying lately?!

No, I have not forgotten about the rest of my title of this post. I can't quite explain it, but my affinity for the color gray is back with avengence! I use to love the color gray when I was a teenager. Then I moved into browns and blues, but lately, I notice everything gray and I love it - it's the weirdest thing! I went shopping the other day, and I kid you not, I purchased three new gray tops?! What the heck? I don't know, but I'm just going to go with it!

If you would like to read an awesome blog about P90X, please take a moment to check out my new friend Jen's blog! She started out her blog on day one of P90X, and she takes so much time to include what she has eaten and her food plan for the week, including recipes! It's so awesome!

Our P90X Journey

Oh, one more thing - I just have to share this with you - I think it is the cutest idea, I sure wish there would have been something like this around when my children were young!

Children's Artwork Pendant

Take Care Everyone! I'm headed to bed - it's an early night for once!
Keep Claying my clay friends
and Keep Pushing Play my P90X friends!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Snowball, Exercise and Eating Out!

Hi everyone!

Do those three things go together? They sure did for me this weekend!

When I got off work Friday, I went home and immediately did my 13th day of P90X, which was the stretching video, boy that makes you feel good (as a matter of fact, my husband said he felt like he was in a state of Nirvana - tee hee)! Then on to the next event, my middle daughter, who is a Sr in High School, had her last Snowball Dance on Friday night, so it was an evening of primping and pictures, it was oh so fun!
From there, we went on to an evening out with friends. I was really nervous about going out, what would we eat, could we drink? The drinks were really a big dilemma for me - I thought about it the entire day. I think all in all after all was said and done, we did pretty good. We split a grilled chicken salad, with oil and vinegar (it did have cheddar cheese on it, had I known, I would have ordered it without), my husband had cottage cheese, I had coleslaw, and then we split a Caribbean Jerk Pork Chop. I did decide to order a Mike's Hard Lemonade, the first half of it was so good, but after that, I was wishing I had not ordered it, it just seemed like such wasted calories! Then after sitting there for awhile, the bartender sent our entire table (there were a lot of us) shots! We aren't sure what was in them, but they were good - they tasted like green apple! Then it was water for us the rest of the night.

Saturday we hit our official 14 day mark on P90X! Let me tell you, we are really feeling everything so much! I'm not sure if it's because we are understanding it all better, and working so much harder, or if it's because we are becoming stronger, so we can work harder, or a combination. I was so proud of myself, I did five real push ups on the first set (the remainders had to be cheat push ups on my knees), and on the second set I did three real! After this week we will be moving on to our next DVD's, I can't believe it!

It should be a nice quiet day at work for me, and I should accomplish a lot of work, as we don't have students today, and teachers have the day off as well.

Enjoy your Monday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Weird, Random Thoughts - Is this normal?

Good morning ladies!

How is everyone? It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday!!!

So, I thought I would just ramble on to you all, and give you my random thoughts that are and have been running through my head today since I got up . . . . .

I did the Kenpo workout last night for my P90X workout - it felt great, it went by so fast, I did it by myself, and really enjoyed it!

Today is officially my 13th day of P90X workouts and eating! I have to admit I'm enjoying this working out. The eating, well, not so much, it's hard for me - I was the hugest junk food junkie ever! Now, though, it's weird, I have been craving fruit like all get out! Not that I didn't like fruit before, but now - I can't get enough of it! I eat more of it than I'm suppose to - I don't follow the eating plan exactly, but I have completely cut down on carbs, I have so very little of them. And it's amazing how much better I feel - I just don't have that yucky constant bloated feel. I would always feel like my stomach was so distended, you could pop it with a pin! Wait, (since I'm like a fart in a skillet most of the time, anyway, I may as well continue to be like a fart in a skillet with this post!) I should back up and tell you how all of this P90X started, shouldn't I? My husband started being obsessive with talking about P90X about two weeks before Christmas, he knew some guys that had done it and had good results. So I bought it for him as a surprise for Christmas. Once he actually had it - he was scared, scared to try to start it, he debated for three or four days on whether or not to send it back. He finally decided to give it a whirl, and begged me to do it with him, he thought he would stick with it better if I did it with him. Let me tell you - I hated, no, loathed exercising! But I finally agreed to it and was in a horrible mood, I was so mad about it all! But started it, I did. Now, I'm loving it! I wanted to lose just a few pounds, mostly around my inner tube middle! I think it is already toning up, and I have actually lost a few pounds! I'm so excited. Thank you to my hubby for 'forcing' me to do this! Now here is a dilemma - tonight, we're going out with friends, something I'm so excited about, but I'm freaking out about whether or not I should/can have a drink or two - and what can I eat? They don't have an online menu (so I can check things out) - yes, I tried to check already! What to do, what to do???

Then this morning, I also started worrying and wondering - do I bug people? I mean, do I really bug them? I think I do - I think I get on people's nerves - mostly my friends, I think I text and email too much, and just hound them! I'm really worried about it. What do I do about this ~ about being a 'plague' that won't go away???

Then I thought about food - food - I want some food! =)

And then - I thought, hmmm, today is stretch day in the P90X workout, it is really boring, can I skip it?

My tree, Christmas tree - would you even believe my tree is still up??? I can not believe it! Last weekend I was so busy and not able to get it done, but I also was not ready to take it down, I just didn't want Christmas to be over. But now - oh my goodness, now I'm sooo sick of it, I can't take it anymore!

Well, ok, now that you survived this - and actually read it to the end! Good for you! Yippeeee! Wuup, wuup! Virtual Gold Star for you, right in the middle of your forehead!

Thanks so much for listening!
Oh, also, the pictures I posted are my lastest clay projects I have gotten done, since Christmas has been over.

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year - New Men!

Hi? Is anybody here?

Helloooooo? Hellooooo? Hellloooooo?

Do I hear an echo?????

Did my title get your attention? Hahaa!

Wow, how do the Holidays keep us so incredibly busy, isn't it amazing? I'm still playing catch up - how about you?

So guess what is new in my life??? A new man! Yup - Tony Horton is his name - P90X!

Have you heard of it? It's an excercise/eating program - if you follow the exercise dvd's and eating guide, Tony tells me I will have a 'Beachbody' in just 90 short days! Do I believe this? Hmmm, I'm not sure quite yet. Tonight I'm struggling, it's a struggle for me. The nights are always so short as it is when I get home from work, and then to add in an excercise and careful dinner planning, it's making it hard. I think I'm really struggling with the carb cut back right now, but I can tell you this - in just five short days, I do feel so much better! Last night was the yoga work out, and let me tell you - I hated, no possibly, loathed, the first 45 minutes, they were sooo hard, but after that, I loved it - and I think my body felt so much better today because of it! In just one workout!

Well, I suppose I'll quit chatting with my echo, if I have to hear an echo, I really don't want to hear my own voice. But there is a somebody else I would love to hear in that echo! I'll share him with you - just for tonight, k?! Enjoy!

Somebody? Anybody? Please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you! Take Care ♥ Lori