Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hi Strangers!
Sooo, I thought I'd be nice and give you all a break from my boring posts!
I really had nothing much to tell you.
So right now, I'm going to post a couple of feel good clips from youtube.
Tell me what your all time favorites are!!!!
Happy December!!! Wuuu Huuu! Gotta love the Christmas spirit!
But first, ok, I seriously think I just burned my face with boiling water when dumping in the spaghetti noodles! Ouch!



  1. Loved the clips Lori! Especially that adorable kitty!
    Love, D

  2. Love the kitty cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I live about 45 minutes from Chicago...were supposed to get another 10 inches tonight.....looks like your cold too! Try to stay warm, w/o burning any more body!

  3. OMG, that kitten clip was adorable! Here's another cute one you might like

    Have a good one!


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