Monday, November 16, 2009

♥ Thank You Tara! ♥

Hi everyone!

I have sat down to post for a couple of days in a row now, but then thought, hmm, well, I don't have anything to talk about. All of you wonderful people that follow my blog might be really bored! ☺

But then today - I got an email - a ♥WONDERFUL♥ email!!!! It was from Tara of Jewelry by Tara

Tara's Etsy Shop

Check out Tara's shop if you have a moment, she has jewelry galore, and banners to boot! Above you will see one of my favorite items in her shop right now!

She featured me on her blog today! I'm so truly honored! What a way to start a Monday!!!! ♥
Please read Tara's blog here;

Jewelry by Tara

Sooo, after feeling a little down and out about my Etsy NON sales, I think I shall go and clay some more tonight, she got me motivated!

Bring on Christmas baby!
I'd like to share my favorite Christmas song with you. Tell me what yours is!


  1. Congrats on being featured Lori! That's awesome!
    This video is amazing. I like John Berry's version too. God, I wish I could sing!! I can't imagine making a living doing something so beautiful. Oh wait, I'm a bookkeeper at a bean plant.....oh yeah, take that Celine! LOL

    Love, D

  2. Thank you Darla,

    but gosh dang you are sooo darn funny!!!! I love it!

    I dream of singing all the time too, can you imagine??!!!!

    Dang you are funny! =)


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