Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Take a look at this!

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! As I mentioned last night, my shop was featured last night as one of the Sneak Attacks! I was so tickled pink and actually got three sales from it, my first three sales!! Today, Sandi of Handmade by Sandi featured me on her blog! What a treat! I'm becoming spoiled very quickly! Sandi does wonderful work, I included a picture of one of my favorite items that she has listed.

Please check her out here;
Handmade by Sandi

You can check her blog out as well;
The T-Shirt Lady

I hope your day is a wonderful one! What are your wishes for this evening? I'd love to hear what you have planned! I'm planning on claying!

I hope I get my wish! =)



  1. Cute cozy!
    I'm going to hit the treadmill again after work even though I pulled a muscle last night :( Back on the horse!
    Then I hope to paint a little while watching The Biggest Loser!
    Happy claying to you!!
    Love, D

  2. Lori,

    Thank you for mentioning my coffee cozy. I'm so glad you had lots of fun last nite during our sneak attack! I will definitely be coming back to your shop to see what's new.


  3. Darla, I can't even begin to think about watching The Biggest Loser, I saw previews on E.T. a little while ago. I could not watch it, it would make me too sad. I hope you get to paint, though! And have fun on the treadmill! ♥

    Sandi, you are most welcome, and yes, I had the BEST time! =) Thank you, again!


  4. how exciting! how do sneak attacks work?


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