Monday, October 5, 2009

Scary Hair Monday!

Good morning!

Guess how my Monday morning started off?! I plugged my straightener in, thought it was making funny noises, I pulled the first pass through my first swath of hair - *spark, crackle spark*!

I figured it was not worth starting my hair on fire to have it straightened. So that is how my day started!

How about your Monday? I am convinced, though, that it will go better the rest of the day! ☺

Listen to this quote, I love it, I think I may put it on my emails;

It is very easy to be positive and pleasant when things are all going our way. The real test comes when we incur difficulties and frustrations. This is when one's true character is revealed. -anonymous

I want to be home claying soooo desperately right now! Oh well, hopefully I can get some done tonight!

What are you all doing today?



  1. Can't wait to see pics of what you clayed! Sorry about the straightening iron! A former co-worker had flippin flames shoot out of her hair dryer once! Danger! Danger!!
    I'm sure you're lovely today no matter what♥

    Have a great day Lori!
    Love, D

  2. Well, hopefully I can take pictures soon! I hope! My camera was freaking me out yesterday!!! It was not working right, the shutter was like frozen, but hopefully I have it figured out now!
    I'll post the pics after I get them taken!
    Oh my goodness, flames? That's what I was afraid of! And this was a GOOD straightener, one of those almost $100 ones, that I had gotten as a gift! Waaaaah! What to do tomorrow? As it turns out - it's so wet and misty today, it didn't matter that much, but thanks for saying that! ♥

    Hope you are having a great day!

  3. Love the quote! So very very true!!!!

    sorry about the straightener:(
    Sounds about my luck! LOL

    hope your day goes better and you are home clayin before you know it!


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