Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm honored on this Saturday . . . . .

Happy Super Saturday!

Today I woke up, got my cup of coffee so excited to catch up on blogs and see what everyone was doing today. What a wonderfully awesome surprise to find that I had been given an award. Not just any award but an award of friendship, what could be more special than that?

Darla and I met years ago, I'm not quite sure how many years ago it has been, but we met through an online painting group, clicked immediately and have been emailing eachother ever since. Darla has always been an inspiration to me, as well as an awesome cheerleader. I told her I'm not the best with words, I'm not as eloquent as she is with them, but I just hope she knows that it means so much to me to receive this award from her! Thank you, Darla, from the bottom of my ♥! Please visit Darla's blog, she is an amazing woman, you just may make a new friend today!

Darla ~ Artistic Accents by Darla

This wonderful Deborah Award is about friendship and it states:
"Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest, but who came and never left your side"

I would like to pass this award along to two friends as well! It's amazing how you 'meet' somebody online, and they will forever have a place in your heart. I can not express how much their friendships mean to me! ♥

Shelly ~ Designs by Shelly Comiskey
Jen ~ Kind Clay

I hope everyone has a super day doing what you ♥love♥, and being with whom you ♥love♥!


  1. Muaaaaaaaaaah!
    You're not good with words? Are you kidding me??????????
    You are amazing and you have the kindest heart, I swear!
    You are so welcome and deserving and I'm glad you are part of my life and even though it's my cyber life, I know someday we WILL meet!
    I smell a ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Love, D

  2. No, I'm not kidding you Darla!!!! :o) Thank you for EVERYTHING I mean it! And yes, someday we will meet!!!!! :o)

    Muuuuwaaaaaaah, right back atcha!

    ♥, L


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