Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello! Is anybody out there? I just thought I would give this a try and see how it goes! Today is a beautiful Fall Saturday! (That's why the font is orange, to symbolize Fall!) The sun is shining, the wind is not blowing and the temperature is perfect! I got to spend some nice mother - daughter time with Whitney today, and now it's just killing time while doing laundry and waiting to get ready for Confirmation. Whitney makes her Confirmation today.

I really want to clay today, but don't feel like I can start any of it right now.

I really don't have anything to say, but I posted a picture from my most AMAZING weekend last weekend, maybe at least one person will see it?! This particular picture was in Aspen!

Tah tah for now - or forever? I guess we'll see? ♥


  1. Well what a great idea.. I am your first post!!. I'm so excited!!!! And please tell Whitney congratulations on her Confirmation today!
    Well I cannot wait to for you to clay some more so you can post some fun pics on here!!
    I am so happy you started one so I can start one now... I have somebody to help me!! :)
    Love ya honey!!!

  2. YIPEEEEEEEEE! ♥ Shell, I'm THRILLED that you are my first post!!!!!
    I will tell Whitney Congratulations, thank you so much Shelly!!!

    I think I'll clay tonight, k?! I'll try to get some pics posted!!!

    Now, for you to start yours!!! You must you must you MUST!!! K?!

    I'll help you as much as I can - but it's pretty easy. I know they can look a lot nice than this, you could have your AWESOME artwork as the banner, and the backdrop and everything!!!

    Love Ya!
    Thanks so much!!!

  3. I'm a follower too!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you did this Lori! It's a wonderful way to share what you're doing in your life with others and also make lots of great new friends!
    Welcome to blogland and thank you SO much for all the nice things you write on mine!!!♥ Love, d

  4. Darla, Darla, Darla, thank you Darla! Thank you for following me! Gosh, you know, I might be hooked - we'll have to see?!!
    I might be hooked on decorating it the most! I can't wait to play around with that more!
    You are most welcome, I mean ♥EVERYTHING♥ I post on yours!


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