Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Good morning Shelly and Darla,

Hahahaaa! Since you are my two followers, why not address this to you??

This picture here is of a lake right outside of Breckenridge, isn't it beautiful?? I've probably already shown you this, but gosh dang, can you believe it? The reflection in the water is awesome!

Today is Sunday!!! I love Sunday's, but they can also be sad, it means our wonderful weekend is over!! It is 35 degrees right now, and only suppose to get to 46 and rain all day. I think today will be a perfect day to make beef and noodles - don't you think girls? Make beef and noodles, and clay, clay, clay! I should clean, but instead, I think I shall clay and do laundry. That is, of course, after I go to Wal Mart - yuck! I don't feel like going, I sure wish I would have last night, but I didn't, and I'm going to have to - we are out of everything in this house!

I hope you both have a most spendid day! I'll go check out both of your blogs now!

Buh bye!


  1. Aw, beautiful pic Lori! That's why artists paint those beautiful mountains!!
    I'm glad you're going to clay today! I was going to paint but I got busy with making pasta sauce and regular tomato sauce to use up the last of my garden tomatoes. I'm such a suzie homemaker today! hehe
    Can't wait to see what you create!!
    Love, D

  2. Thank you Darla!

    I did clay, but guess what???? I'm just sick - my camera is not working! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! I have NO CLUE what is wrong with it?? The shutter moves in sloooooow motion, like it's frozen or sticking! I'm just sick, and now I can't take picture! :o(
    You go Suzie Homemaker you! =)


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