Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good Sunday!

Hi again girls!
What a great Sunday - other than the fact that I can't open my Outlook Express and get to my emails.
Anyway, it's a cloudy, rainy, chilly day. I have beef and noodles cooking, I have gotten a little claying done, lots of laundry done (just need to put it away), made some salsa with the last of the garden tomatoes friends gave me. I'm getting ready to take pictures of the claying I did, so I can sell it to the teachers.
I just wanted to tell you something - my dishes had not been coming clean lately, I could not figure out what was wrong, I wasn't out of jet dry, but it wasn't completely full, so I thought maybe that was it, but it wasn't! Guess what I just figured out as I was unloading the dishwasher? I had bought the Wal Mart brand of those dishwasher tablets, those squishy looking ones, figuring they were just as good as Cascade - well, I'm here to tell ya - they are not!!! Cascade works soo much better, I just ran this last load with Cascade and they are as clean as a whistle!
Adios Girls!


  1. I'm sure dishwashers are amazing these days but the only one I ever had was an old 'portable' one I had to wheel over to the sink and it did NOT clean well at all! hahahaha
    I've never had one since and am just so used to washing dishes by hand. I think I might have to put that on my wish list. I'm 50....I deserve a break! ha
    Love, D

  2. Oh Darla, without a doubt, you MUST get a dishwasher, YOU deserve it! Do it Darla, do it! ♥
    I remember when my Grandma finally got one when she was in her early 70's for the first time. She went through having 9 kids without one, but she sure did love it when she got it!



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