Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Night!

I just thought I would show ya real quick what I did tonight, this is what I was doing when I should have been putting sheets back on the bed, picking up, putting laundry away, things like that!

Instead - I clayed! YIPEE!!!

I'll take better pictures tomorrow in the sunlight, but here is a quick picture of Ginger for you!

Here's to a Good Week for you all - a week full of healthiness and no sickness! (I have my fingers crossed for myself on that one, I sure do feel something coming on)



  1. Awwwww, precious! You would NOT believe the things that I 'should' be doing when I'm painting instead. Sometimes when the creative juices flow, we MUST create! The rest will wait and there will always be time for the mundane :)
    Love this new one!
    Love, D♥

  2. Thank you so much Darla and Marie!
    Marie!!!!!! Hi Marie! Hiiiii! Oh my goodness gracious, I can NOT believe you joined my blog - I am ♥HONORED♥! Thank You!!!!

    You are so right Darla, the mundane will always be there waiting for us, won't it? I'm afraid I won't be claying tonight, though, the fever is back with avengence - my fingers feel like blocks of ice.

    THANK YOU girls!
    ♥ Lori

  3. aawwwww She is sooooooooo cute!!!
    LOVE HER!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see more goodies from yoU:)
    happy clayin!


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